Ski Centre


GONDOLA | Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:30

The Gondola of Bansko is the door to the snow paradise, a link between the town and the integrated ski resort. It offers enclosed cabins with glass sides so you can enjoy views of the village of Bansko, weather permitting.


  1. 8 view cabins
  2. Dozens of cabins that start every 30 seconds
  3. About 30 minutes ride (one way) + some time to buy the ski pass and enter Gondola, which can be a waiting experience if it happens to be a peak day. Find more information about buying a ski pass and how to avoid the Gondola queue here.

Gondola caters to skiers and snowboarders who start uphill to the snowy mountain, then take the rest of the lifts (sliders and chairs) for more action on the slopes. At the same time, it is also an option for tourists who are not fans of winter sports, climbing to the base of the ski resort (Baderitsa) to enjoy nature or relax in the chalets of the area.


The doors open after 15 minutes to the first destination, Challin Valog. Here, you can enjoy ski and snowboard slopes, with a few cafes accessible only to skiers. It is the best choice on days when the ski resort is busy, as it is a less popular area. Before visiting the area, take a look at the piste map and the snow conditions.

If you decide not to get off here, the doors close and you continue your journey to the end of Gondola.


The second and last stop, Baderica Puliana, is the core of the action.
Here are the children’s lifts and the beginner’s lifts, along with 2 chairs that lead you to the higher slopes and the next lifts.

In Baderitsa, you will meet your instructor if you have a lesson, and if you don’t ski, here you will have your coffee and lunch, finding the unique chalets accessible for those who don’t ski.


For those who want to avoid the queue or are concerned about heights, there is the option of driving up to the ski resort, which takes about 20 minutes, plus any delays due to traffic. Always carry chains and start early in the morning from Bansko to avoid traffic. Parking cost: 20 BGN in cash.

If it is your first time skiing or if you are a beginner, it is recommended to park in the Banderica area. Parking there is limited and fills up quickly, so start early in the morning from Bansko (08:00) to secure a spot.

If you can get down even one blue track, then you have the flexibility to park anywhere else.


Ski tickets (or lift passes) are the key to using the lifts at the Bansko ski resort. We have created this page to provide our visitors with all the necessary information about the prices of the ski passes, as well as when and how they can purchase them.

Can I buy them over the internet

There is currently no online sale of ski passes for the Bansko ski resort. If you have a ski pass from a previous visit to the ski resort you can recharge it here

Whether you prefer to enjoy all of the resort’s runs or start with a simple beginner’s lift, you need the corresponding ski pass.

Most of the lifts have an automatic entry bar that opens automatically by detecting your ski pass in your pocket. In the smaller beginner lifts in Baderica, which do not have this system, you will need to show your ski pass to the staff to use the lift. In addition, the ski pass includes insurance that covers free transport to the medical centre and a basic medical examination in case of an accident.

We look forward to your visit for more information when testing your equipment.

1st SALES POINT: Equipment Rental Centre
OPERATING HOURS – Sunday to Wednesday: 08:30 – 17:00. Issue of lift tickets for the next day from 16:30 – 17:00. – Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 08:30 – 21:00. Sale of lift tickets for the next day from 16:30 – 21:00.

ATTENTION! The doors of Gondola open at 08:00, while the rental center starts at 08:30 and already the eager ski pass holders are forming a queue. Once you have your ticket, there will be a second queue to board the gondola. Be prepared to wait and organise your time, especially if you have a class. ( Give a different background here to make it look different)

2nd SALES POINT: Gondola’s Gondola’s end, in Banderitsa Pouliana

A drive to the ski resort (Bansko – Baderica, about 15-20 minutes) can save valuable time.

If you’re driving your own vehicle, know that the parking lot fills up early, and you may end up parking far away or getting caught in traffic. Start early, around 08:00 from Bansko, to avoid the above. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you park in Baderica to buy your ski pass from the ticket booths near the parking lot. If you can get down blue slope, you can slide on skis or snowboard up there.

Parking cost: 12 BGN in cash.

Daily from 08:30 – 17:00

3. point of sale: vending machines

From 2021, there are ski pass vending machines around the Gondola area for faster service.
2 points have been identified:

  1. Outside the Maxsport store on Pirin Street, next to the Strazhite Hotel

  2. In the parking lot of Gondola, just before entering the building

They will be announced at the start of the season.

4TH SALES POINT: Selected hotels

Some hotels in Bansko offer ski passes at the reception. The list for the 2022/23 season will be announced. Please note: Some hotels only issue day lift passes, while others issue multi-day lift passes. For more information, please contact the hotels directly.

With Bulgarian Leva in cash or card


The gondola-only ticket is intended for tourists who want to enjoy the ski resort without skiing. It is the ideal choice for a peaceful walk in nature, for a meal or a coffee in the chalets at the end of the gondola in Baderitsa. The ticket includes one ascent and one descent, but is not allowed for two ascents and does not cover the use of other lifts.


The ski pass is the ticket that gives you full access to all the lifts on the mountain. With unlimited daily use of the ski lifts at the ski resort and the gondola, the ski pass covers all routes, whether you decide to use them or not. There is no different price for the ski pass if you do not use the gondola.

Some beginner skiers/snowboarders who want to save money opt for the gondola-only ticket to reach the gondola finish in Baderica. So they can enjoy the beginners’ slopes without using the lifts. Some also choose to take a taxi or bus instead of the gondola to save money.

CAUTION: In these cases, keep in mind that the gondola ticket does not include insurance and is not intended for this use. Also, skiing & snowboarding on the ski road without a ski pass is not covered insurance. This means that in the event of an accident on the track, free transport to the medical centre is not provided. If you need this service and you don’t have a ski pass, you will have to pay for it (cost from 25 to 300 euros).

The use of the ski pass is valid from 08:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon of the same day. Ski passes are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to another person. Each lift has a camera and an electronic system that creates the user’s profile with a high-resolution photo. If the ski pass is used by another person and checked by the lift staff, the card is cancelled and the user must leave the resort or buy a new card.

Ski passes include mountain insurance, which covers your transport to the ski resort’s medical centre and a basic examination. However, we recommend that you take out additional personal insurance for possible bodily injury and travel with your European Health Card, if you have one.

The price of the lift tickets is not refundable in case of non-operation of the gondola and the lifts due to bad weather, power outage or other force majeure. No refund or transfer of remaining days is provided in case of schedule change or injury.

The student lift card is issued upon presentation of a valid and certified academic ID (pass).

The half-day lift pass is only sold from 12:00 onwards, but is activated from 12:30 and valid until the end of the day.

Any unused days of the “Bansko-twenty” card are not transferred to the next winter season and are not redeemed.

The 2022-2023 winter season is valid from 17 December 2022 to 17 April 2023. The management company of the ski resort reserves the right to change the opening and closing dates of the season depending on the weather and snow conditions.