The Weather in Bansko Bulgaria

What will the weather be like in Bansko?

Have you planned a holiday in the area, but don’t know what the weather will be like in Bansko?

Your visit to Bulgaria should definitely be combined with the right weather, both for a comfortable stay and to test your skiing skills. It is a good idea to have checked the weather report and snow conditions at the Bansko ski resort before travelling. You can see the weather live here.

When does it snow in Bansko though?

The region, as a Balkan city, has a heavy and cold winter. Snow makes its appearance even in September in many places. Especially on Mount Pirin. Mount Pirin is the main reason why the region has heavy snowfall in the winter months. Even in the spring, although the cold weather subsides and summer days slowly appear, the temperature, especially in the evening hours, remains low. This is because the snow from the Bulgarian mountain range is melting and the surrounding rivers have frozen water. All this combined with the humidity of the Balkans should make you particularly careful. Don’t hesitate if you arrange a holiday in Bansko Spring to bring a windbreaker with you.

Snowfall on the slopes of the ski resort